Saturday, 27 September 2014

Exhibition of Young Artist's Sculpture

“Genç Heykel” Sergisi (Exhibition of Young Artists’ Sculpture), held between September 20-27, 2014 in Nişantaşı Sanat Parkı in İstanbul, has brought together some of the important young sculptors of contemporary art.  Even though there were more than twenty pieces of art in the exhibition, the three were quite impressive: Renkli Yalanlar, Partenogenez and Doyumsuzluk.

Renkli Yalanlar
            One of the works of art displayed was Renkli Yalanlar/The Colourful Lies which was made by Derya Özparlak, using hand forged metal and seam. Özparlak stated that the power of lectern is an indisputable fact for all societies. This platform, smartly designed in such a way that aggrandizes the speaker and puts up a wall between him or her and the audience, has the power that allows him or her to impose everything he or she wants upon the audience. In spite of the fact that these colourful microphones seem as the representations of happiness and being straight, with the speaker and the lectern, they consist a trinity that plays a major role in all lies.

            Another artwork from the exhibition was Partenogenez/The Parthenogenesis which was made by Bahadır Çolak, using metal pipe, waste construction iron and automotive paint. Çolak mentioned that urbanization and relentless constructions, the common problems of metropolitan cities, continue to narrow down our breathing spaces. With this work, he presents the incarnation of asexual reproduction occurring in this city. For this reason, he has chosen to use mushrooms, which also reproduce asexually.

            The other art piece was Doyumsuzluk/The Greed which was made by Ayhan Mutlu using granite. With this work, he draw attention to the greed becoming meaningless. Mutlu argued that although they get everything they wanted, their avarice continue to grow. Owing to the fact that all resources people need take their source from nature, the more they try to satisfy their greed, the more they exploit the nature. This special large bag was designed to make them become satisfied. 

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